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drunk guy sleeping with a keg

Drunk guy sleeping with a keg haha

drunk girl vs strippers

Drunk Sexy College Chick taking on Strippers on the street!


This is what happened when a stripper is surrounded by horny college kids

jenna bush taking off

her panties that is.. her father must be proud!

nice pose on a classic car

She thought she was marilyn monroe

Drunk Blonde Falls Down The Stairs

filmed by none other than her husband.

drunk guy.. on an old lady

drunk guy.. on an old lady SMH

blonde chick hits stall

She’s so funny and cute even when she’s totally drunk outta her mind lol

drunk girls at houseparty

Drunk girls showing their bras and panties


30 Foot Beer Bong On Top Of A Trailer.


Funny Dive Bar Graffiti Written On The Bathroom Wall


His Friends Sharpie An Entire Bikini On This Drunk Guy